Monday, November 29, 2010

Holidays, Travels, Luggages + Malaysian "Lacey Crepe" Click

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Now that its officially holiday season, I bet you folks are all geared up for travel, either to spend some quality time with family and friends or to an exotic location for a new holiday experience. Whatever the case, you will definitely need luggage sets for travel.

Everyone knows that spinner luggage makes travel a breeze than the regular one. I am so in love with this matching spinner luggage set from Britto Collection by Heys. With its electrifying exterior there will not be a problem spotting this on the baggage carousel. So no baggage switch and other headaches that follow that. At $1000+ bucks, its a bit on the pricey side but I bet its totally worth it.
I don't know a lady who doesn't travel without a cosmetic case/travel pouch. For $80 bucks you get Tony Perotti's "Green collection" leather 3-sized cases that gives you the versatility to pack bigger jars in bigger cases for check-ins and smaller ones for carry-ons.
I am a girl who loves all shades of Red and Pink.This Delsey Helium Trolley has my name written all over it.
People who love to take their laptop wherever they go would love this Tumi expandable laptop bag that is efficient, classy and distinctive.
Happy Holidays and Happy Travels. Click the above link to check for other choices.

Here is something else to look forward to- An Upcoming Post for Malaysian "Lacey Crepe/Net Bread":
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  1. all the luggage really looks awesome! nice post!
    looking forward for the lacey crepe recipe!

  2. I am loving the spinner luggage. Wow! You could definitely see your luggage. It's loud and its colorful.

  3. Love that spinner luggage, lacey crepe looks soo great..where did u bought the mould?? from India??..

  4. Lovely luggage collections...

    eagerly waiting for your next post...

  5. @Priya: Nope. Used piping bags for making this. I have no idea where they sell the authentic molds outside of Malaysia.

  6. Looking forward to the lacey crepe recipe CL :-)

  7. CL, Looking fwd for ur next post, but was very sad to read about first para about shopping, travel and family I have nothing on card...sob sob :( but good though :)

  8. nice collection, love the laptop bag, waiting for the crepe recipe

  9. Whoa !!! those luggage sets are sure keepers and OMG on Lacey crepe, how in the world did you make it or did you just click the picture? ;)

  10. Woh!! this is very interesting blog... u have variety of posts... I have bookmarked this. sukran.


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