Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to Make Oat Flour from Old-Fashioned Oats

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BM#11I wanted to have Oat Flour handy so I can make Oat Flour Pancakes and Muffins for my son. I am yet to put that thought into action cause am still in the process of searching the web for a good recipe that uses Oat Flour. As for making Oat Flour, its easy breezy! See for yourself!

  • Add 1 Cup Old-Fashioned Oats (I used Quaker Brand) into a blender.
  • Run the Blender at medium speed for a couple of minutes until the oats are of a fine powder consistency.
  • Sift the flour using a sifter. 
  • The coarse oats will have to be blended again and sifted until you run out of the gritty ones. It is as simple as that. 1 Cup of whole old-fashioned oats yield "nearly" 1 Cup of fine Oat Flour.
  • Use it to make pancakes, muffins, cookies or any other bakes of choice. I have been eyeing this Oat Flour Cranberry Muffins for a while now. Perhaps I should go ahead and make it. 
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  1. Having oats flour can be very handy. Thanks for the tip...

  2. this is easy and simple to stock, i can never get around eating oat porridge daily so i suppose this is good way of getting them in the system

  3. That's a very helpful post. Nice idea to make pancakes. Will try it out some time for sure. I use it in chapathis but never tried pancakes.
    Happy New Year!!

  4. That sounds really good CL..never used this flour..Glad that you joined us..:)

  5. I used to make pancakes,puttu like this..nice post n Happy new year...

  6. This is cool CL i'm having too much of oats at home....maybe i will try flour and the muffins...Happy New Year to your family!!

  7. thats a good one to have in pantry and in handy...
    Ps...Love the color of ur nail polish!:)
    Happy New Year!

  8. Nice one. I use the quick oats for making the flour.

  9. great idea. I like using oats when I make muffins also. muffins have more height and also makes the muffins fiber rich.

  10. I usually don't sieve the ground oats, but I guess you need the fine flour to make the muffins. Helpful post..


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