Monday, December 26, 2011

How To Cut And Roast Chestnuts, the "relatively" easier way

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BM#11:  I eagerly look forward to Winter season for a few reasons. 1. The holidays, 2. The snow, 3. Chestnuts and then some..While the list is interchangeable, these three reasons almost always manage to stay on the top 10 of my "a few on my favorite winter things".. :) 

Why are chestnuts called as "chestnuts?? Something to do with them resembling hearts? Don't know but who cares? It tastes awesome and that is all that matters. For folks who haven't tasted this, its sort tastes like fire-roasted "Jack fruit seeds".For those who haven't tasted either, I say, you don't know what you are missing. I had once before posted about how to cut and roast chestnuts. Since then I have found a "relatively" easier method to cut it and roast it. But please keep in mind that the chestnut isn't an easy nut to crack. But no pain, no gain,right?
  • Clean the chestnuts and wipe them clean.It can't be slippery.
  • The chetsnut had a dome-d top and a flat bottom.
  • Place the chestnut on a firm non-skidding surface. Using a sharp serrated knife put a deep slit  on the sides. Please be careful and protect your digits.
  • Line them in a baking tray.
  • Preheat the oven at 400 degrees F. Bake it for a good 20-25 minutes. The tough skin will put away from the delicious nut inside.
  • Remove the shell and remove the inner membrane.The membrane is bitter.
  • The nut should look clean and yellow and roasted. Ummm, delicious!
  • Here, enjoy! Or use it in a curry-
Gujarathi Undhiyo (With Chestnuts):
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  1. I grew up hearing the song "Chestnurs roasting on an open fire..." Now I know how to do it...Thanks!

  2. How wonderful!..never tasted these however..will try to get them..

  3. delicious looking chestnuts
    happy holidays to you and family

  4. Looks tempting, i should try them sometime!!!!

  5. Everytime when I go for veggi shopping, I come across these nuts. Didnot know what they are and how to use them. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  6. CL .. I have never paid much attention to chestnuts in the stores .. your post makes me want to try :) .. thx for sharing.

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  7. wow..nice post with some useful tips !

  8. Love to have some roasted chestnut rite now, never tried roasting them in oven,will do it next time..

  9. here we get them roasted - the water chestnuts only, so never had the need to do it. If they taste similar to water chestnut( they look very different though) then I hope not to miss anything otherwise, i will just drool over the pictures

  10. Never had a chance to see chestnuts. Thanks for the informative post...

  11. Never tried roasting chestnuts at home. Thanks for the detailed instructions.


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