Monday, August 23, 2010

SugarPlum Balls With Dry Fruits, Nuts and Grand Marnier

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With the advent of dozens of snack choices post-blogging, this still has managed to stay as a family favorite for nearly a year. That is because its so tasty on top of being healthy.Just a couple of this will keep you sated for 2-3 hours due to the fiber-packed dry fruits in it. I almost always make these sugarplum balls with orange juice/pear juice as the binding ingredient but this time I had some Orange Liqueur left at home and I decided to use it up to make a grownup variation of this after getting the idea from 'Joy Of Baking' site.
For the other recipe with Pear juice, click here.
  • Pecan/Walnuts -a handful
  • Dried sugar-free figs - 4
  • Dates - 6, pitted
  • Mariani Sun-Ripened Mixed Dry Fruits(Apricot, Apples, Plum, Peach, Pear) - 2 Cups
  • Orange Liqueur like Grand Marnier - 2 tbsp
  • In a food processor, coarsely blend(pulse) all the dry fruits and nuts with little bit of Orange Liqueur until they resemble a coarse meal.
  • Divide the mixture into 10-12 bite-size balls and refrigerate for an hour before consuming.
Makes 12-14 bite-sized balls.


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  1. Very healthy roll......... good for kids snacks box

  2. Surely a healthy packe and power booster...its very easy to make too...

  3. This recipe has my name on it and I`ll be making it.
    Thanks, I love it ♥

  4. ça à l'air très appétissant, un bon mélange de saveurs
    j'aime beaucoup
    bonne soirée

  5. Love this, but my family is not keen on fruit n nut balls :( so end up eating everything myself :-)This looks so wonderful..Next time I would add orange liquor too

  6. This is great! I have never seen these before. I love dried fruit and nuts. Excellent idea to roll them into one:)

  7. Looks delicious and easy to make too; good snack for outdoor trips..

  8. Tasty and healthy snacks?!?!? I'm in! These look delicious.

  9. Sounds really nice,wish I could taste one :)

  10. Energy Bars in shape of balls!You are so creative- and this one is indeed worth trying- for a change, a healthy alternative to the store-bought stuff, and home made as well!

  11. Am one of those kinds who skip breakfast, i 'must' make this to keep myself healthy! thanks for the share, very good idea :) and ofcourse Grand Marnier i love the flavor!

  12. Very very yummy combination of dry fruits...I would love to have these balls
    Hamaree Rasoi

  13. wow wow..its such a rich and nice balls :) yummy

  14. ஆஹா...சூப்பர்ப்...அருமையாக இருக்கிண்றது...

  15. Definitely an interesting balls,looks fabulous..

  16. Just loved the shape of it...looks like a bread roll...

  17. I'm definitely gonna try these.But since I don't use alcohol in cooking,guess I could flavor with orange blossom water instead?

  18. Contente que tu ailles mieux.
    Ces petites balles de fruits secs semblent délicieuses.
    Je note ta recette.
    See soon.

  19. Scrumptious sweet treats, I love the Grand Marnier in those!

  20. These are just packed with goodies! So delicious with the orange liquor.

  21. looks delicious !!! first time here and love your blog .am a happy follower now !! thanks for visitng my blog ,following it and your wonderful comments

  22. great recipe for a the richness of the dish. your blog and your recipes are always a source of inspiration for young bloggers like us...!!

    About the chatni pudi:" yes u r right it is a macro shot...but the chatni pudi we make is quite coarse...when u bite into it u can feel the crunchyness of the daals.


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