Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess this dish + What I bought with my KrazyKitchen CSNStore Giftcard Win..

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I know I promised that I will be posting some traditional dishes, MIL style and this is one such dish. Can you guess what it is? It is made with coarsen red rice, shredded coconut, powdered cardamom and jaggery to be had as breakfast or an evening snack. :). Look forward to the recipe this Sunday.
Ages ago I also promised I will post about what I bought with my $60 CSN store gift card that I won at Krazy Kitchen.I took some time to decide on what I wanted to buy and this is what I got, for props -
iTTala Teema Pasta Bowl in Turquoise(Set of 2, $35), Nikko Ceramics 'Blanc Fleur' Relish tray(Set of 2, $28)
Thanks a bunch Krazy Kitchen. I am enjoying my buys. Immensely!
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  1. Sweet Puttu looks good Lassie !! Loved your recent buys !! I should say I wasted my 100$ win. I chose JCP hoping to find some good cookwares unfortunately I did not find much and ended up buying something for my hubby (after he promised he will reimburse the same) but now he says what JCP :-(

  2. That is puttu.. one of the yummiest dish of Kerala :)

    And the bowls looks so pretty. The shade of blue is my favorite :)

  3. I have no idea what this will be made into...but I know that whatever it is, it will be delicious!

  4. I have no clue on that recipe, but it sure looks sweet... lol

    Lovely pasta bowl :)

  5. Looks it is sweet puttu. Sweetened steam cake lassie..
    I love your props...Great colors..

  6. Love your latest buys....Hey dear missing your presence in my blog.....
    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Hey..... I know it has been a long time, since I have really done anything around.... I am travelling & the net connection is poor without network access... I have no idea of the prep, but that banana surely looks eww! with its shape & the cuts..... ;) God Bless... Hope to be back soon & catch up with all the stuffs around..... Hugs )))))


  8. Dear Lassie
    How are you? Just back from Taipei. Had to go to earn few $s :-).
    I have eaten this dish, mashed with banana minus straw berry but dont know the name..hope this answer will get me pass mark..ha ha
    Have a nice weekend

  9. Puttu and banana makes a great combo..Love the way you have sliced the banana. Great buys from CSN.

  10. nice buy..enjoy

  11. Wow that is puttu and the bowl is so beautiful .. i love blued color is the they looks gorgeous for clicks.

  12. Congrats and njoy the new additions in ur kitchen :)

  13. great buy...but where are these stores? I rarely win anything (if ever)- but just curious..

  14. Puttu with banana looks very tempting! The bowls look awesome!

  15. Congrats on the win gal!!! Puttu is one of my fave and I remember how Mom used to insist that when made of brown rice its healthy!!! btw its sunday gal, recipe???

  16. so i guessed it rite .. puttu :)
    and congrats that dish looks lovely

  17. puttu looks tempting..our family's fav breakfast..just love it..Congrats on ur winning!! the bowls looks so pretty!!


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