Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Had A Dream

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Note: I swear I had this dream in the early hours of this fine Thursday morning that woke me up and had me typing away this post. THIS IS NO FIB. A dream laced with so much vividness, a hint of incredulity, a tinge of weirdness, a lot of imagination,that it woke me up to write this.Again, this is NOT MADE UP and I KID YOU NOT.
Ever since I have started blogging,I have been on a blogging-rush 24/7. Even when I am doing something, I am thinking what I should post, what I should cook and all that. Sometimes, when I am on the edge of sleep and wake, I get wonderful ideas of write-up and such.But this is a full-fledged dream that woke me up..a dream about me being at Priya's(of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes) house for lunch. All I know about her before this dream is that she is a dedicated, consistent blogger who posts away a storm from Paris..that she can speak Tamil(I have seen her comments in Tamil at other blogs), has a couple of school-going kids(mentioned in her post) and seen her picture in a Super-Blogger Sunday Post of EC's SimpleIndianFood.

So here goes the dream: (Read only if you can spare 10 minutes of your time)
I am at Priya's house for lunch on a fine Sunday son is sleeping in her guest bedroom..her kids(both boys in my dream) are playing in her lovely backyard that has a basketball hoop and a big black board that has french-english translation chalked on what I meant about my dream being vivid/detailed?My hubby and her hubby are talking about world peace,world economy and such while she is showing her kitchen where all the magic happens.She has served us "Mooli Paratha" and "Lorette"(a french delicacy, in my dream, that is) as a dessert. I googled about this Lorette and there is no such thing like that. She then shows me a book full of Paratha recipes and we bond over Culinary books. My son wakes up and we get ready to leave.Me and my hubby hop into our SUV, yes SUV and we drive back to the US. Hey, its my dream and we sure can drive from Paris back to my home..Anything is possible in dreamland.
      I thought about posting this entire thing as a comment in her blog..but I surmised that she might get freaked out or something..weird things do happen in the net..I should know..but what can I do? I don't have a control of my subconscious mind and I had to post about it to let you all know how blogging had affected me.
You won't believe me when I say I was a shopaholic prior to this new passion..I would always go out for shopping at least once a week to buy something that I WANT but convince myself that it is something that I NEED. When I was at work(which I quit to care for my son) in NYC, I will forgo lunch and run to Fifth Avenue or Park Avenue stores during lunch break to get myself stuff..that is my extent of shopping craze. Recently,I had ordered 2 shirts and a top from EXPRESS.COM and it came 3 weeks ago and I haven't yet opened it. My hubby is like, if that is the case, then you certainly don't need send it back..Yeah, like that would happen! LoL.Its like my priorities/passions have changed overnight. I am hooked on blogging.
      So Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes, invent a dessert called "Lorette" and dedicate it to me. And don't freak out. I am not coming after you in my SUV, you hear? Atleast not until they invent an SUV that can fly over the Atlantic. So you are safe.Hey, did you know that there is a belief that early morning dreams come true? Lol
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  1. Haha this is so awesome... If you take a peek at my first ever post on my blog it says that I basically created it because of a dream I had lol. It's crazy how things come to us in dreams (sometimes great things, sometimes not so great things). Sometimes I wake up feeling really connected to what happened in a dream just because it was so vivid. I totally understand you having this dream though... because it's something that would probs happen to me too! :D

  2. Hey its really very cool..thats so nice of u..dont worry u r always welcome to my place, will be a real pleasure to invite u guys to Paris..hope ur morning dreams come true from now onwards...Loved the way u described ur dreams, really amazing..I used to dream but i cant describe the way u have written...Shown ur post to my H, he is completely surprised to read the way u have written ur dream too....

  3. thanks for sharing..wish ur dream comes true :D

  4. wat a dream..hey wen u r going to paris..let me know..i too will come with u!! he he he!

  5. LOL gal... I can now see how much you got hooked on to blogging!! I also dream and remember my dreams so vividly...But in most of my dreams, I fall from somewhere and end up landing on the floor and waking up the rest of the household..he he!!
    Hope your dream turns true soon...And let us know how "Lorette" was!! :)

  6. Sanjana: I read ur first post and learnt 2 things: 1. Ur brain is overactively imaginative when u r asleep, just like mine. 2. What a Samphire is..didn't know there was such a thing and didn't know it is pronounced as "Sam-fur"...

    Priya: Thanks for welcoming a faceless stranger to ur household. That is very generous.

    Yasmeen, Pari, Saju, Rohini: Tx for ur sincere wishes. Who wouldn't want to go to Paris?It is my third favorite city in the world next to NYC and London.

    Rohini: Unfortunately, I can't recall how "Lorette" tasted in my dreams.I leave it to Priya to whip up something and call it "Lorette". And make sure you put an area rug underneath ur bed to cushion ur fall. :)

  7. Dear Lassie
    Amazing narrations, so now I know your other skill apart from cooking..Let me know when you post a non-foodie blog else where ( if you post here I will get intimation :-)
    By the way your bloody beety apple drink with a dash of Vodka was a great hit today evening ..when my brother asked what was this drink, I was about to say " It is the latest French punch called LORETTE", but then I thought I would keep the name for the desert which Priya would make soon and I would make it!!!
    Have a nice weekend ahead

  8. Ushnish,
    Nice of you to try my drink and real nice of you to compliment on my writes. My hubby always suggest I write children's fantasy book because sometimes I let my imagination run wild. You will get a hot edition of my posts every time since you so loyally follow me. :). Take care.


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