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ReviewAndARecipe: Rustic Oven Fries With Ariosto Seasonings

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Ask yourself these questions - Do you love Italian Leather Shoes/Bags? Are you a sucker for Designer Italian Shades/Apparels? Are you in love with Italian Fine Filigree Jewelery? Do you crave for Pizza and Pasta? Do you find the angelic voice of Andrea Bocelli irresistible?Does listening to Antonio Vivaldi's compositions make you cry in joy? If its an Yes to most of these questions then you are like me. So I am sure you will love this product from Italy too -- Ariosto SpA Seasonings. When I got this package from Milan, I couldn't wait to try something out of this. This is not your usual spice mix. Its a finely ground, perfect blend of herbs that can be used for vegetables, poultry and seafood, be it starter or main course.Look at the range of seasonings available in the picture. So far I have tried two of these seasonings and I tell you, they pack quite a punch. They are intense and "less is more". Tried the seasoning "For Roasted or Fried Potato" to make Rustic 3-Vegetable Fries and they were insanely good.Me and my family absolutely loved it!Tx Saverio.This brand has distributors in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Belgium, Germany and a few other countries. Check their website to know to where you can find these seasonings locally.

This along with Mocha Flavored Pumpkin Cakelette and Eggless Pineapple Carrot Mini Loaf goes to this week's Bake-off@ Bangalore Baker's Versatile Kitchen.
  • Russet Potato -1, large or Yukon Gold - 2, medium
  • Carrots - 2, medium
  • Rutabaga - 1/2, large
  • Ariosto Seasonings(Insaporitore per patate fritte e arrosto - For Roasted and Fried Potatoes) 
  • - 1 tsp
  • Olive Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp
  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
  • Peel the skin off on all the vegetables.
  • Cut the vegetables into a fairly long and thick sticks.
  • Blanch them in a pot of hot water for 5 minutes.Shock the vegetables in cold water for a couple of minutes to stop cooking.
  • Pat the dry with paper towel and drizzle with Olive Oil.
  • Sprinkle the Ariosto seasonings and mix them well with both hands.
  • Spread them on a oven proof cookie sheet without overlapping and bake for 15 minutes on the top rack keeping a close eye on them. Bake 5 more minutes if you like them extra crispy. 
  • Serve immediately with some ketchup.
  • Do Not blanch the vegetables in salted water if using Ariosto Seasonings. The seasonings have salt in them.
  • The baking time might differ depending on the thickness of the vegetables. 
  • Rutabaga is bitter when raw, but mellows after baking because baking brings out the earthy sweetness out of it. Do give it a shot. It will grow on you as it did on me.
Makes 2 Medium Servings.

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  1. Woow...Colorful and yummy dish..Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe!!

  2. Is it green apple..or some kind of squash...chayote....eagerly waiting for answers..

  3. wow lassie yummy fries...loved the seasoning spice, hope i gt it here in india.Fries r soooo invitng, made me hungry....hey u had asked na whats chenna...chenna is not any flour, but its fresh panner, when milk is curdled and strained then u get this chenna, its used for making rasgullas also.

  4. Amazing Looking Fries. I am guessing secret vegetable to be some root vegetable... ha ha ha.... going vague here. If you had said fruit, I would have had said apple.

  5. the secret vegetable i think taro root.anyway the fries looks awesome.i love the question..the 3rd question my answer is YES as always.
    nice click too.thanks for introducing all these Ariosto products next time i have to check whether its available here or not..

  6. Fries looks so innviting lassie..great clicks too..


  7. after reading ur post feeling like buying the mix soon...the dish looks very tempting indeed...

  8. wooow!!yummy fries....the secret veg may be some kind of root veg or type of squash...

  9. Nice seasoning, Oven fries looks really good.

  10. Mmm I love oven baked fries. So much healthier than regular fries. And they taste delicious.

  11. Oh! My darling I love everything Italian, this looks delicious, the seasoning and the fries,let's swap, a full plate of these lovelies for a plate of my creme scones, deal?

    Love & Hugs

  12. The seasonings sounds the fries made with Italian seasonings...looks so good and much healthier it :)

  13. Bellissima questa presentazione e una ricetta veramente deliziosa! Bravissima, kiss

  14. Those seasonings sound wonderful and the veggies look great. Will have to check out the seasoning site. Thanks!

  15. Yummy Fries Dear..and the secret vegetable is "Chayote"...

  16. Lovely very interesting. I love oven baked fries. So much healthier than regular fries. And they taste very good, and great click too:-)

  17. What a great package from Italy to receive to enjoy.
    I like what you did with your seasoning package. Oven baked fries are the best.

  18. Is it chow chow ? Can't come up with anything else....
    Anyway Over fries looks great and nice click too....
    Hamaree Rasoi

  19. I am quite the lover of Italian goods, foods, etc. My love for Italian products knows no bounds! This seasoning looks delicious and you definitely chose a great way to use it!

  20. Now that is a very delicious and healthy snack you have there!

  21. looks yum,secret veg is radish or நூக்கல் ?

  22. Hmmm...I wonder if we have these spices at my grocery store. I love Italian pasta and actually just featured on this week. I'd love to experiment more with their spices.

  23. not even able to make a guess ... blind guess would be turnip or radish ..Hee hee

    Looks superb

  24. Haii dear,,fries looks great n yummy dear.i think the secret veggie might be radish or some root veggies..

  25. Very catchy and guilt free fries, love it..

  26. I have never ever tried Italian, so not too sure of how it tastes... But this prep looks very bright & colorful & tempting of course.....


  27. mi fa piacere che hai provato questi ottimi prodotti!!
    bellissima la ricetta!! un abbraccio!

  28. Bonne recette. j'aime beaucoup.
    A bientôt.

  29. Lovely oven fries. I never miss an opportunity to make them :-) Is your mystery vegetable Jicama?

  30. I am a very italian person... and I loved the seasoning too!

  31. Oven baked fries sounds and looks awesome! Got to try !

  32. The answer to all the above qns is YES, YES, YES....Love Italian flavor, their dress sense and every thing...especially their pizza. How can we get the real fashion otherwise:) Fries look gorgeous dear.

  33. Amazing looking oven clue..Carrots, Potatoes and ?..
    Thanks for the sweet and encouraging words...i am in Edison, NJ

  34. Sounds terrific with this seasoning mix! Curious about the secret vegetable :)

  35. Maybe a squash ;-) Waiting to hear the answer :D Whatever, it looks wonderful !


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