Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pulled Chicken Noodle Soup and An Award

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Last week I had a bad case of the sniffles and sore throat. This soup came to the rescue as always. Everyone has their own version of this famous "keep-the-flu-at-bay" soup and this one is mine.Sip the soup and feel the burn! Don't restrict the soup to just when you are feeling under the weather. It can be had anytime of year too.
  • Moist, Cooked and Pulled(Shredded) Chicken- 1 1/2 cup
  • Garlic - 2 cloves, minced
  • Onion - 1, small, diced
  • Homemade Chicken Stock - 4 cups 
  • Bay Leaf - 1
  • Frozen peas - 1/4 cup
  • Cooked Noodles/Pasta - 1/2 cup
  • Cracked pepper - 1 tsp or more
  • Salt for taste
  • In a stock pot, heat a tbsp of oil and add the minced garlic cloves, bay leaf, onions.
  • Saute the mixture until the onion browns, add the shredded chicken and peas.
  • Pour 4 cups of the homemade stock and sprinkle the pepper and salt.
  • Bring to a boil and throw in the cooked noodles.
  • Switch off the stove and pour the soup into serving bowls.
  • Serve hot by itself or with some crackers on top.
Makes ~ 3 large bowls of soup.

Sending this as an entry to Presto Pasta Nights # 154, hosted @ Kirsten's blog. 


This award comes to me from Love2Cook-Malaysia and Spicy Lounge with some conditions. I am honored that these 2 wonderful bloggers thought of me to pass it on to.
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People who didn't have enough of me after reading this can proceed here:

Who Am I? Not a very interesting/intriguing person,really. But you may beg to differ. :)
  1. I was a Lacto-Vegetarian till 17 years. My initiation to eating meat was fast and furious with people practically threatening to shove it down my throat if I don't wipe the plate clean. I despised that bully tactics yet I am so very thankful to "them" for broadening my range of consumption much to the disappointment of my mom. As much as I love to try new things, I draw a line when it comes to eating blood pudding, endangered species, snake soups, toad legs and organ meats etc etc.
  2. I try not to hate anyone or anything of God's creations. Yet I find it very very difficult to love reptiles and certain bugs..they give me the creeps.
  3. I don't believe in zodiac signs and what they predict but I can't help but notice that I seem to depict most of the traits true to my sign - Scorpio!
  4. I have come to realize that amongst the many shades of love, "Baby Love" is the best love. My son is the beat of my heart and pulse of my vein. Sounds very dramatic, but very true.
  5. I have a color preference that is all over the place - love almost all shades of red, pitch black, beige white, charcoal grey and metallics. 
  6. I am of the opinion that the best view to be had is the bird's eye view. What I wouldn't give to be a bird, to soar in the sky with the wind beneath my wings. I know what you are thinking. Skydiving isn't for me.
  7. I have a weakness for scarves, shoes(Read Red Shoes), shades, bags,jewelery, Le Crueset /All-Clad Pots and Pans, Spode Cups and Mugs as much as the next girl and not necessarily in the same order.
  8. I love phrases, proverbs, poems and idioms..a lot. My 2 most favorite phrases of all times are: 
    1. Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we all burn - Delmore Schwartz 
      Be the change you want to see in this world - Mahatma Gandhi 
  9. I love day-dreaming about a lottery win that will take me to all the "101 places I want to see before I die".Not very productive but certainly brightens my spirit.
  10. I am a girl who firmly believes in culinary therapy as much as retail therapy.
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  1. Thanks for sharing all those delicious tidbits about you and that fantastic soup with Presto Pasta Nights! No wonder you're feeling better.

  2. Your chicken soup looks so good..must have been very comforting :) Congrats on your awards, it was nice reading about you :)

  3. Very NIce delicious soup...1st time here ,got a nice space ..keep rocking ..

  4. Comforty chicken soup for the fluish soul indeed :) it is so nice to know a bit more about you! For one I know we are both scropians!

  5. Congratulations on your award dear!! Good to know more about you. Well I'm a scorpian too:-)And dear who wouldn't want to win a lottery????
    Your chicken noodle soup looks very tasty...

  6. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and nice to meet you. I love this kind of simple and easy to make soup. No cream added! Just my type! Btw, congrats on your well deserved award.
    Have a great day!

  7. Your chicken soup looks excellent! Savory and comforting.

  8. Congrats dear...nice to know more about you..enjoyed ur writing....delicious tempting soup

  9. Oh this soup sounds so comforting...I would love some right now!

  10. Congratulations for your award.
    See soon.

  11. Une soupe qui me plait beaucoup.
    Elle me plait beaucoup.
    See soon.

  12. Congrats on your award and good to know more about you...I am with you in no 9!!

    soup looks delicious...

  13. I would always love to relish the shredded chicken in a hot bowl of the cold winter...... My hands full & my mouthful......

    And thanks again for that wonderful tofa...basically for remembering me then...... which is the most important feel that anyone can relish...... TO BE REMEMBERED.....


  14. Dear Lassie, read ur comment in my blog. I am so sorry I have not recd ur entries dear, I checked all entries as I had kept them separately. I do not remember acknowledging ur entries too. If it's okay with u pls resend them to me at
    Let me know..

  15. It's lively! I enjoyed reading the recipe with the songs! Love the soup! Supera irukku!

  16. Dear Congrats on your award. Nice to read about you too..Thanks for remembering me and passing on this TOFA. I'm so happy Dear... I'l soon post it in my blog.

  17. Oh sweet...well i follow ur blog too and yeah my feeds aint updating thats why after another 2 or 3 posts am moving to bright morning star...thanx for the award and i will sure post about it soon....and have awards for u too......coming soonnnnn
    happy day sweety and am hopping by to ur main page now to drool over all ur delicious foods.....

  18. Hi dear...I am not sure about the origin of the brinjal dish...I saw it in Malar and Viki blog and had been eyeing it for long...but I think it must be from Vellore only :)

  19. Beautiful click dear..Soup sounds comforting and yummy yummy...

  20. je sens la bonne odeur de ce plat délicieux a travers mon écran
    bravo pour le prix bien mérité
    bonne soirée

  21. I can already tell I'm going to love your blog! It's funny you put up a recipe for chicken stock because I've been wanting to make some. I make all kinds of crazy things from scratch, but something as common as homemade chicken stock intimidates me for some reason. Okay, off to browse around your blog some more. Thanks for stopping by mine and following me. I'm already hooked on yours :)

  22. The soup looks perfect for the flu :-) Usually I do not make the stock at home, see how lazy I'm..
    Also glad to know a bit more about you and I can't agree more on baby love :D

  23. great soup nice to know you better and your toddler has good taste lol

  24. Congrats & it was nice reading about you.:)Thats a lovely soup,Looks so tempting and delicious!

  25. Great blog and awesome recipes and coolest pictures I have ever seen....

    I will be a frequent visitor from this point on...

  26. Nice website... awesome recipes and coolest pictures... I will be a frequent visitor to your site...

  27. Thank you so much dear for visiting my blog and for sharing this award.I am really happy to get this award from a new friend.Will definitly follow ur blog.U have a fabulous blog here and the soup looks so yummy :)

  28. Congrats on your award!! Happy to know more about you.
    Soup looks delicious!

  29. Hope you are feeling better now.Congrats on the awards.

  30. Dear Lassie
    Congrats !!
    Thanks for the award I am overwhelmed!! 2 awards from you within just few weeks!!!
    Nice to know, how you turned a carinivore , that reminds me how I turned one of my stunchest tamil vege friend to meat eater in Univ days...He was almost disowned by his parents until i assured them personally and with convincing lies, that your son cracked a joke to see your reactions ha ha
    The joker still eats meat and fish after many decades whenever he gets a chance, but remained a vege at home even after becoming a grand pa recently
    have a nice weekend

    PS I had tried to post a thanks earlier but it did not go through it seems

  31. Hey CL, I infact saw this posting yesterday and I did comment. Hmmm, wonder where the msg has gone!

    But nvm, this is what I said. Glad to know more about U! And I'm a Scorpion too! hehehe ;)

    Tks for accepting the tag ya!

  32. wow very hot n spicy soup...looks tempting...congrats for ur awards...hey good 2 knw 10 thng abt u

  33. Thanks for stopping by and a big THANK YOU for the award!
    Love your site and I'll be spending some time checking it out.
    Soup looks great too!

  34. Thanks for stopping by and a big THANK YOU for the award!
    Love your site and I'll be spending some time checking it out.
    Soup looks great too!

  35. I like the look of the dish before i even read on!
    Thanks for the award! :)

  36. hello dear!!

    your chicken soup looks hearty and well seasoned; congratulations for the award, have a nice day !!!

  37. So wonderful of you to mention me for an award, my is truly appreciated!


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