Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pesto Pasta and A Prize (Yes, A GIVEAWAY -- Giveaway **Closed**)

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March 29th officially marks six months of my ACTIVE blogging journey. And what a journey it is! I have come to know brilliant folks from all around the world,their splendid posts, all working towards a common goal - sharing something they are passionate about - cooking! While I was pondering about how to make my half-year milestone special,the PromoTeam from Counter Stools have come to the rescue.

Counter Stools(a division of AllBarStools), an online shopping haven for all stools ever imaginable, is a branch of CSN Stores network, a humongous online shopping mall with 200+ online stores, that stocks and sells almost every household item, has generously decided to help me in doing a giveaway. WOOOHOOO!AllBarStools has Free Shipping on plenty of products with competitive prices and an ongoing 15% OFF(Promocode: BarStool15) on purchases more than $349 dollars. Something to keep in mind if you plan on furnishing/re-modeling your kitchen/bars. Do check these incredible Counter Stools to see just what I am talking about.

**My My, What a Hot and Happening Week for me. When Life gives you lemons, you may make lemonade but I shall make Lemon Meringue Pie or die trying to make one. :). When Open Book, a sassy Londoner, of My Kitchen Antics gave me a wonderful opportunity to do a guest post at her spot  I readily agreed. Do check  my "Curried "Where's The Meat" Veggie-Pea Stew. While you are at it, spread some love and give her your loyal support. She may be relatively new to the blogging world but her posts scream "Seasoned"** 

Now to the Contest:
All I have to do is is this: 1.Select a few choice items from their site/from one of the network's sites and 2.Pick a lucky winner from US or Canada for them to ship ONE incredible prize(the winner's choice). How Sweet! I am a firm believer that some of the best things in life are 'indeed' free. If you believe the same too, here is your chance to win one of the exciting choices offered here- Winerack, Bar Stool, Le Crueset Baking Pans, Mortar&Pestle etc etc.Scroll down and check all the links for an eyeful.

Please read the following Rules carefully:-
**Contest is only for people who RESIDE in US or Canada**

Rules for the Giveaway:
  • Become a Follower of "Pan Gravy Kadai Curry"(Followers will be entered thrice in the contest. Yup,triple your chances of winning by becoming a follower).
  • Leave a comment on THIS post:-- Mention your location(US or Canada) and if you are a former/new follower.
  • Highly Desired but NOT Compulsory:--Tweet or mention about this incredible giveaway in your latest post.
So what are you all waiting for? Hurry up,check these incredible choices and get down to business my dears.
**The lucky winner will be announced on March 29th**
Then the winner gets to pick ONE incredible choice from the following fourteen choices: 
  1. Winsome Basics 6 Bottle Wine Rack - 99619 ($47.99)
  2. Winsome Saddle Seat 24" Counter Stool in Walnut - 94084 ($42.99)
  3. French Home Gourmet LaRochere 7 Ounce Wine Glass in Versailles Motif (Set of 6) - 6316.01 ($40.99)
  4. Demeyere Resto 3.5 Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl ($36.95)
  5. Certified International Hot Tamale Ice Cream Bowls (Set of 4) - 14275 ($36.50)
  6. Granite Fieling "David" Mortar and Pestle Set ($35.00)
  7. Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2 slice toaster ($34.99)
  8. Le Creuset 9" Square Baking Dish with Bonus 5" Baking Dish in Caribbean - PG071523-17($34.95)
  9. EuroQuest 11-inch Oval Baking Patterned Pan ($33.00)
  10. Ittala Origo Black Bowl ($30.00) 
  11. Pfaltzgraff Sedona 10" Tortilla Warmer - 025398442768($29.99)
  12. Euroquest 8 oz Standard Coffee Mug - Pattern DU60 - 872-DU6, Set of 2($29.00)
  13. Corelle Bamboo Leaf 12 piece Bowl Set ($27.99)
  14. Lenox Dinnerware Meadow Yellow Butterly Cup and Sauce Set of 2($25.90)
PS:Thanks in advance for letting me know about broken links.
    Now onto the recipe of Spinach Pesto Pasta(This makes its way to the 6th Mediterranean cooking event held at Tobias cooks.):

    • Angel hair Pasta (Spaghetti) - For 2-3 People, Cooked as per package directions
    For the Pesto Sauce:
    • Spinach - 3 cups, leaves torn
    • Pine Nuts - 3tbsp + 1/2 tbsp, toasted
    • Grated Parmesan Cheese - 1/2 cup
    • Good Quality Olive Oil - 1/3 cup
    • Garlic - 2, medium cloves
    • Salt for taste
    • Blend all the ingredients under "the sauce" in a food processor.
    • Mix it with the cooked pasta and garnish with a Parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts.
    Makes ~2-3 Servings.

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    1. Dear lassie
      Thats a great idea indeed to celebrate the half year through..
      I wu=ish I were in US or Canada to take the prize.
      I am an old follower :-)
      Location Italy and India.
      I shall cook this pasta as soon as I am reaching home...Hummm I will carry a great olive oil bottle and an " Asli (original ) Parmesan chunk with me
      Have a nice weekend

    2. Wow! Dear, this sounds great:-) Congrats on your 6 months of blogging...Pasta is so delicious..looks colorful & tempting..

    3. Hi dear iam also hostng a give away ..
      nice to see give away from u dear as well .
      i am already your follower so need to sign up again as a new follower
      if iam really lucky enough i would like to get Corelle Bamboo Leaf 12 piece bowl set (27.99$)as a nice give away from you .
      here is my email id

    4. Hi Dear,
      I'm the first one to respond here. Pasta looks excellent and easy to do.
      Coming to the Prize, My location: San Diego and I'm former follower. I'll definitely mention this giveaway details in my post and link back to this page.

    5. Ohh you got already 3 responses before I submit my comment :)

    6. wow! I want this pasta dish! It reminds me of SPRING!

    7. Congrats dear and im ur good 'ol follower...
      Love this pasta u posted-deliciously delicious....
      I aint in the US but would love to win this for a fren of mine in the US ,who's b'day is right around the corner:-)))
      and if i win,i'll ask her to Chose what she wants-oh have never been more eager to win honestly....
      thanx a ton and happy day...

    8. Lovely green hue :-) Yummy pasta..And great giveaway to celebrate 6 months of blogging. So we started blogging almost same time :D
      I am your former follower from Colorado, US

    9. FYI ,Some of the links are not working (the prizes !).And I saw the toaster instead of number 14.

      You could moderate this comment :D Just wanted to let you know !

    10. I agree with Angie...this recipe reminds me of Spring! Soon I will be planting my basil so I can make fresh pesto for this recipe! Pesto and Pasta...what could be better? I am in the U.S. and a new follower. I will tweet this giveaway ASAP!

    11. Gr8 giveaway and green pasta looks awesome....My location PA,USA and am former follower...

    12. Hey, I left my earlier comment without mentioning the details you asked..I'm already following you and I stay here in US..

    13. I have been following you via twitter, but just started following you here. WOW... the Mortar & Pestle is gorgeous, would LOVE that. Will also re-tweet you

    14. Gulmohar,
      Thanks for checking the links and helping me to fix it. I ain't moderating "Honesty". Much appreciated dear! :)

    15. WOW!!! your space is much Happening this night... I see.... And that pasta is brilliant.... It simply motivates people to GO GREEN!!!!!

      And BTW.... I am in Bangalore, INDIA...... LOL!!!!LOL!!!!LOL!!!! I know, I know.... I am sorry to be kidding.... Ok, I'm out.... It was nice reading though that ALL IS HOT & HAPPENING HERE.... CHEERS!!!!!


    16. Hello again!
      I am in Texas and i love that pasta! Yum! Can't wait to try it!

    17. oops. I too forgot to mention I live in the US!

    18. Awesome Pasta!! love the color...
      Excellent give away!!!!!!

    19. Olá, amiga!
      Conheci seu cantinho...
      Suas receitas são apetitosas e nutritivas...
      Além das belas fotos dos pratos.
      Você é muito talentosa.
      Uma ótima noite!
      Itabira - Brasil

    20. Wow congrats on reaching 6 monts of blogging.Wishing you much more blooging cuccess.Giveawat is brilliant.Have been following your blog for some time now.

      Pasta looks delicious and so healthy.

    21. Yes. the round up is on. SO hurry and send it before I compile them together. If you can't, I'll put it in next week's roundup. Pasta looks very good. I make something similar which I have not posted yet. I make it with penne or rotini. I still haven't mastered eating spaghetti with a fork. Probably never will.

    22. Congrats on ur 6 months of blogging!!! Pasta looks yummy green...Nice give aways...but me not in US :(

    23. Congrats Lassie :D.That's an incredible giveaway :D

    24. quite a party for your 6 month run...I'm already following you and right now in US :)

    25. The pasta looks yummy n healthy...lovely click...n d idea of giveaway is really exciting....I am in canada and i have been following your awesome blog for sometime now....

    26. Splendid giveaway! Pasta looks yumm too...Err...which one to grab now??? hahaha! ;)

    27. Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. And thanks for inviting me to check out yours. Congrats on your 6 month blog. There are lots of great things I want to try out.

      I just became a follower so please enter me in your contest. I would love the Le Creuset 9" Square Baking Dish with Bonus 5" Baking Dish in Caribbean if I'm the lucky winner.

    28. Hi dear
      thanks for following me and leaving ur sweet comments . its much appreciated

      Forgot to mention that i Stay in Newyork.

    29. First, I must tell you I love the pesto pasta. It is one of the recipes, I am adding to my list of "to do's".

      This is a wonderful giveaway and it is nice of you to alert us to it.

      I have been looking through your blog and there are so many wonderful recipes. It is a pleasure to become a follower.

    30. hey.. congrats n big pat on the back for this milestone. keep up the great cooking..nice giveaways too..pesto looks fab... pine nuts are like the cherry on top..btw we are regular followers- Seattle , USA

    31. CL, Hi there! First of all, congrats on the six month milestone...that is a wonderful milestone dear and you are definitely celebrating it in style!!!

      Congrats also on the awesome giveway...

      I am already your in California and if I do win, I would love Pfaltzgraff Sedona 10" Tortilla Warmer - 025398442768.

      Great going!!!

    32. Oh grt way to celebrate ur blogging journey..I am not eligible to participate dearrrr..
      Loved the green colour.

    33. Lassie...what a bummer that im not in the US:(
      The bar stool and the wine rack looks marvellous and of course i don't have to mention it specifically..the pesto pasta..easy and im sure it tasted heavenly

    34. Lassie, congratulations on your 6 months and thanks for visiting my blog and the alert of your give-away. It sounds great and I live in the US. Your pasta dish is marvelous! Thanks!

    35. I think your spinach pesto pasta looks more attractive than the prizes!

    36. Congraz on completing 6 months into this lovely blogging world,...pasta looks lovely,nice recipe to try as it seems really delicious...

    37. I never cook pesto pasta before, will try this soon.

    38. Hi CL,
      pasta looks so vibrant and yummy!
      congrats on your six months milestone. Nice giveaway. I'm from NJ, USA. Lovely blog you have here. Am a new follwer. Love to have those wine glass set.
      I think #13 link is still not coming out correctly.

    39. Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know about your give aways...I am new follower to your blog..I reside in Albany,NY..
      Between Pasta looks delecious

    40. Grt give giveaway!!Congrats on your 6 months blogging.
      Pasta looks really tempting dear!!....
      Btw im your former follower and i live in NJ

    41. I'm a new follower of your blog. I live in Winston-Salem, NC, USA. I found your blog through Hey, What's for Dinner, Mom?

    42. Oh wow, this looks really good and very simple! I was trying to think of something simple but healthy to make this weekend, and I've just found it! I'm trying to stick to the basics again (to be healthier), so I think this will be a great option, and all I have to buy is spinach! Oh, and I'm in Texas :D

    43. love the presto pasta and such tempting clicks too! i would enter the give-away except that i am moving over the next few weeks and don't know where any shipping would be for the next couple :D

    44. Congratulations CL!!! Wish you many more success and I would love to see more of those decadent dishes cooking in your kitchen.. Keep them coming! And I am eying on the Le Creuset thing :)

    45. Congratulations on your six month anni.

      Pasta looks really good - shall try it soon...

      I am your new/former follower. New because I started following you about a week ago..:)

      Please enter my name in your contest. I reside in Boston, MA.

      I will post your give-away soon on my blog... Later...

    46. Whoa six months is an awesome accomplishment!

      That pesto is so gorgeous. The green - out of this world. You have me drooling!

      I'm a follower (located in NY, NY!).

    47. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving wonderful comments. I am glad you did, and you have a wonderful blog with amazing collections of recipes. I am still drooling at your minty drumsticks and this pasta. Will visit you often.

    48. Congrats!! Pasta looks superb and Lovely giveaway..I'm a follower..located in U.K..well I can shift for few days in U.S or Canada..:-))

    49. Hey there! I already commented on this blog post, but I wanted to let you know I did a put a link to your blog on mine today. I'm listing all my new favs!

    50. Lovely pasta dear..going to try out soon spinach pasta...yummyyy...Thanks for your comment, and letting me know to participate in the very sweet of you..

      Following you, from (Edison, NJ)

    51. Spinach pesto pasta looks awesome..congrats on ur 6th month anniversary CL..

    52. Congratulations on completing 6 months of blogging!!! :)

      What a fabulous giveawsy to celebrate ! I think i already am a follower of your blog, or else i will soon be as soon as i finish typing in this comment.Ohh and Im here in the US only - Seattle, WA.

      Love the pasta recipe too :)

    53. These are great gifts... I love the pasta, Looks drooling!

    54. Hi Dear,
      Pasta looks excellent and easy to do. Congrats on ur 6th month of blogging..
      Coming to the Prize, My location: Los Angeles and I'm new follower. I'll definitely mention this giveaway details in my post and link back to this page.

    55. I have become a follower, and would love to have an opportunity to win the CSN giveaway.... I am thinking that wine rack would be perfect.

      What a great giveaway.

    56. Pasta looks delicious :-)

      Nice way of celebrating ur 6 months of blogging.
      Congratulation dear .....

    57. COngrats on this milestone! Would love to win the baking /mixing bowl :) I live in Los Angeles!

    58. Also tweeted abt this giveaway!

    59. Un très bon plat de pâtes.
      j'aime beaucoup.
      See soon.

    60. Awwww that was incredibly sweet...thanks a bunch
      PS: like the song:)

    61. Delicious and healthy the vibrant green color. Interesting giveaway dear.

    62. Congratulations on six-month blog anniversary! This is a great giveaway to celebrate, but your spinach pesto pasta is a real treat, too! Mmmm, I also see rainbow cupcakes below . . . ! 8-)

    63. Hi, I'm Kristi. I'm a new follower, and I live in Texas.

      I love the idea of the spinach pesto pasta, and it looks delicious!!

    64. Hi,

      New follower Karen B. from Karen B's Cooking Made Easy!

      Love the CSN shopping site what a great place to visit ;)

      Will be tweeting in just one moment :0)

      Thanks for visiting my blog, can't wait to read your recipes!

      Happy Cooking ;)

    65. Hi,

      I also added you as a post on my Karen B's Cooking Made Easy! Blog ;)

    66. I found you thru Karen B's Cooking Made Easy. Love your blog & hoe to learn from you.

      New follower from Detoit, MI area.

    67. hey i a india so no use...but gr8 idea to celebrate event...pasta looks super yummy...lovely recipe

    68. Congrats!!!!
      Thank you sooo for visiting my site. The pasta dish looks absolutely fantastic!!!

    69. Wooowwww!!!! Spaghetti looks awesome,,it will be nice with pesto sauce.Looks lovely and best one for great dinner.thanks for sharing dear,,,take care n keep smiling,,you got nice space n m following your blog dear,,

    70. congrats on your milestone..and spaghetti looks awesome

    71. Great giveaway and I love your spinach pesto pasta!! Mmm toasted pine nuts!!!

    72. I love any kind of pesto. This looks so delicious!

    73. Lovely pasta recipe and great giveaways too!
      I am a new follower, though I have bookmarked your recipes in the past.
      I am in the US, Dallas, TX
      BTW 6 months and 150+ followers is awesome!

    74. hello
      I offer you a price on my blog, come and take it
      good day

    75. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway--I appreciate it! I am following your blog now :-) Great recipes you've got going on!

    76. I would love to have my minis in your giveaway! I am a new follower and I currently live in Chicago. Let me know which piece you would like me to share with your giveaway and I'll post it in my blog! Yay!
      Allie :)

    77. Pasta looks yummy and tempting. Congrats on your 6th months of blogging.

    78. Hi! I'm a new follower in North Fork, Idaho. This blog is wonderful! Thank you!

    79. Congrats on 6 months! I'm a new follower! Love your site, and that pesto looks simply divine.

      I'm in Michigan, and I will also tweet about your giveaway! You're giving away some great stuff!!

    80. wow your a pro for 6 months love the pasta dish and great giveaway already followed you love Rebecca

    81. This pasta dish looks so yummy! I love the green coloring!
      Have a wonderful week Lassie~

    82. Dear do collect your award from my blog :)

    83. Dear,

      the pasta looks absolutely simple, delicious and just perfect, these are the recipes I hunt for simple, quick, healthy and yum, what else do we need after all :) something to try !!!

      well well, you're leaving me some clues and riddles and just making me crazy without telling the ones you've tried!!! don't make me mad dear!!! j' ai le coeur fragile, hahahaha

      ok, tell me secretly what you've tried & how they came out, ok??? and I am happy you liked it, that's what matters for me!!! have a nice day & bon courage pour l' évènement !!!
      your Pea stew looks grand, well garnished and delicious!!!

    84. congrats on ur 6 months anniversary.
      Pine nuts has always been my favourite.Pasta looks yummy.

      I wish I was in US :(

    85. I like this past so much, looks awesome.:) Thats a kool idea - give away/ prizes...will try to participate:)

    86. Congrats on completing 6 months , Nice pasta dish. Great giveaway, but i'm not in the US :(

    87. Hi,

      Congratulations on the completion of your 6 month journey in blog world.The Spinach Pesto Pasta looks very delicious.Thanks for visiting my blog .Also thank you for letting me know about the give away on your blog.I am following your blog.

    88. thnx for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. read abt ur giveaway, definitely interested as I am in USA. will try to include this announcement in my next post. am following u too! u have a nice collection of recipes here. congratulations on 6 mths of blogging! u r a pro :))

    89. Your clicks looks awesome! Would love to try this recipe, yum! Thanks for visiting my site. Yes I live in the US in Seattle and am following you !!

    90. Hi Lassie, first time to your site and what a wonderful pesto recipe, I love love love pesto, but always use store bought, now I have to try it at home. Great giveaway, I am all for it, of course live in US and a new follower of your blog.

    91. Looks too tempting...Vibrant green color making me drool too.

    92. Pesto looks great!
      I am a follower, live in the US and will be tweeting about this giveaway.

    93. Great giveaway thank you-

      I am in California.

      I would choose the Le Creseut-I love it.

      The recipe looks delicious.

      I follow

      chocolate and croissants at yahoo . com

    94. cococroissants kitchen giveaway

      chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

    95. i think i am very late..what to do..u undersand na..ayay with all that pregnancy sickness.but am happy that i saw this atleast now..and love ur dedication..
      i am here in the US..a old follower..

    96. Hey i am a new follower! & in the USA

    97. Pasta looks yummy. thanks for visiting my blog. I am your new follower. Keep rocking.

    98. Hi Cool Lassie,

      I have read about you from EC's blogger intros and visited here before, but you have so many gifts to choose from!

      I'd like to choose the Le Creuset 9" Square Baking Dish with Bonus 5" Baking Dish in Caribbean - PG071523-17($34.95) as my choice. I live in Texas and I am a follower now.

    99. Wow, happy blog milestone!! I follow your blog!

    100. Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway! I'm a new follower, and I'm from Virginia (US).

      And that pasta looks delicious - I love spinach!

    101. Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway. Your blog looks great! I will be checking back. I love all the veggie dishes! :)

    102. Incredible list of gifts to choose from. Wishing you many more happy years of blogging

    103. Hey Congrats on your milestone dear! Nice way to celebrate it and spread the cheer....
      And the pasta looks inviting

    104. I like your blog. Thanks for giving my site a visit. I am so glad that you and your hubby like to cook! Keep sharing those delicious recipes. Yum!

    105. Thanks for hosting such a great contest! I am a new Follower of your blog and live in the U.S. in the state of GA. I also just tweeted this contest.

      Have a wonderful day!!

    106. Congrats on your blogging anniversary! I am from the U.S. Your blog is nice dear! I am following!

    107. great giveaway! I'm a new follower from the US

    108. I am a follower!! A newbie and I hail from the USA, Tennessee to be exact!

    109. Congrats nice giveaway
      the pasta looks delicious
      ..Love to participate
      i am here in US .first time here u have a wonderful space keep it up..
      Like to follow u.

    110. Congrats on the success of your blog. Look forward to talking food with you and following you here. Have a great day!

    111. this pesto looks so good...want to just reach out and grab a plate :( dont spoil us !!:)


    Thanks a bunch for your valuable comments and continued support.They are very much appreciated. Yes,like "Rain on Dry Land" and like "Oasis in Desert Sand".
    XoXo, Cool Lassi(e)