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GastronomicGallivant: Irish Lamb Stew

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Brutal wind gusts and incessant rain most part of the weekend has pushed me into making a big batch of spicy lamb stew to ward off the chill that I could feel in my bones.With St.Patrick's day just a couple of days away, I decided on making an authentic Irish Lamb Stew. The latest edition of Costco Connection magazine came to the rescue with, you guessed it, Irish Lamb Stew recipe by Illinois based food columnist Kathleen Furore. According to her, Irish Stew should be very thick and creamy and not swimming in juice.I modified the recipe a bit by marinating the lamb in Yogurt and pepper overnight(The Lactic acid in the Yogurt acts as a natural meat tenderizer),included certain ingredients, added a little bit of curry powder to jazz it up and ended up with a thick stew that I had with Couscous.Well, with the additions I made, I ruined the authenticity but not the taste. So here goes the recipe:
  • Lamb - 1 pound
  • Potatoes - 2, large, cut into chunks with skin-on
  • Carrots - 2, medium, skinned and sliced
  • Shallot - 1, small, fine diced
  • Red Pearl Onions - 12#s, skinned
  • Thyme - 1/2 tsp
  • Parsley - 1 tbsp, for garnish
  • Curry Powder - 1 tbsp
  • Cracked Pepper - 1 1/2 tsp
  • Salt for taste
  • All purpose flour - for dredging
  • Yogurt - 1 tbsp
  • Olive Oil - 2 tbsp
  • Cut the lamb into fairly large chunks and marinate overnight in a tbsp of yogurt and 1/2 tsp of cracked pepper.
  • Pressure cook the lamb until its 80% cooked. Drain the excess fat and set it aside.
  • Heat Olive oil in a deep skillet and add the minced garlic and shallots.
  • Dredge the lamb in all-purpose flour and add it to the pan.
  • Add the carrots, potatoes, pearl onions, thyme, pepper powder and salt.
  • Saute until the meat, veggies are browned.
  • Add the reserved fat(from pressure cooking the lamb) and some water and simmer for an hour, checking periodically for an hour.
  • Serve the stew hot with crusty bread, or even top a couscous.
  • No Pressure cooker? No Problem. Use a slow cooker and eliminate the second step all together.
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    1. Dear lassie
      Thats a great recipe and very differnt from the few stew I know.
      But I feel bit un-nerved when some one mentions curry powder. I cant make out thhe ingredients and so the flavour. But now i think , I can use any curry powder here, the taste will be great because of the cooking method,
      Went to Bergamo, 50 km away...very nice place and there was a surprise for me, some festival or carnival was going on..took some photo, will post soon , it was very enjoyable.
      Have a nice week ahead

    2. Very colorful and delicious lamb stew..Now U are making me hungry again! Seriously tempting!

    3. This Irish stew looks wonderfully hearty and comforting. Great idea to marinate the lamb in yogurt, I didn't know it was a tenderizer. Thanks for the tip!

    4. This is that sort of hearty meal that we will be cooking as the weather continues to cool down. Great job!

    5. Hi Lassie

      Your Lamb stew looks so delicious and healthy. Also when we prepare mutton curry we marinate it with yogurt as well. Thanks for sharing. Would try it out soon.


    6. I hardly cook lamb, but your lamb stew look so delicious, must try it out soon.

    7. This looks very hearty and delicious! I bet it was wonderful...Great Job!

    8. This looks very hearty and delicious! I bet it was wonderful...Great Job!

    9. Hi thanks for following me and I'm following you now. You have a wonderful blog with very interesting recipes and most of them my favourite like curries and stews

    10. I'm not a big fan of lamb but whenever I see a lamb recipe, I go, whoa, I really want to try it! I've discovered that my taste has been changing a lot lately. Now I voluntarily eat oats and certain types of beans. So I think I might start try eating lamb. They are so healthy, too. :)

    11. aha.. i was looking forward to nice irish stew recipes this season! looks so yummy and delicious. love the idea of marinating in yogurt. i don't eat lamb, but i guess the stew would be wonderful with chicken too.

    12. I would love to taste it.... Very yummy is the look..... First it is a stew & to top that it is lamb stew..... which is like WOW!!!!! Yummy with a fried rice.... I guess... I would finish even without anything with it...just that!!!!! & I am like Hmmmm......


    13. yummy..and the is new to me.....interesing..and wat is •Thyme.......all other its familour..

    14. Hi CL! hru doing???

      Wow, lamb stew is looking awesome la! May I have some??? :D

    15. Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

    16. the Irish stew looks nicely garnished, colourful and filling !!! love the lovely colour of those violet potatoes!!! delicious!!

    17. This looks so good! Stick-to-your-ribs good! I hope you are submitting it to Regional Recipes: Ireland (an event being hosted at my blog!). It would be perfect.

    18. wow!!!! too good..looks so colorful and yummy!!

    19. Wow! This looks and sounds delicious! Yum! Love your music also!

    20. Tender lamb drenched in the thats what I call comfort food

    21. Hai dear..
      After visiting u last time I forgot to follow u ..thats why I missed ur last posts..anyway now I m following u:)Stew looks fabulous...Carrot halwa is my all time fav.

    22. I wish had this stew right now...I was feeling down the weather...nothing comforting like a bowl of soup!...this stew is new to me...looks really tempting, this must taste so good with our chapathis also :)

    23. Lovely and comforting stew....not a meat eater. so don't know much about looks great!! thank you for your kind message!!

    24. Perfect dish for St.Pats day :-) This is a different stew recipe for me..So tempting and colorful

    25. I was trying to follow your blog...but it didn't work. I come back later to try.

      Thanks for following my blog.


    26. Oh my god!! this looks so...good...Will try it this weekend :) You have a nice space here!!


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