Thursday, July 8, 2010

ReviewAndARecipe: Great Ideas for riding the heatwave

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Yeah, this is obviously the first choice..Plenty of freshly made juice or crisp cold water to quench that thirst that seems never-ending at this point.
Or it could be just chilling indoors underneath this budget-friendly/eco-friendly fan..Did you know that "moving air" is at-least a few degrees cooler than "still air". Instead of relying on air conditioners alone use ceiling fans to save on electricity bills.
This gyro style twin-turbo fan with its antique finish has stolen my heart ..doesn't it look awesome? The whole system turns thrice per minute all the while the twin high-speed fans rotate in different directions for some serious air circulation.
At work, use this awesome tropical-themed portable fan that has you dreaming of White sandy beach, balmy island breeze and tropical trees..
Have your outdoor party at dusk,under this lighted Oasis umbrella and entertain your guests with Fruit Spritzers and Tropical Fruit Pops.
People who only have a small balcony/patio can still enjoy warm weather evenings with this beautiful, serene looking coppery solar lanterns with state-of-the-art LED technology that takes advantage of all the sunlight at daytime and does some good to the planet without using any fossil fuel.
For more information on the lighting and fans mentioned in this post, check out this CSN store.
Direct Links:
Polished Brass Fan
Gyro Style Twin-Turbo Fan
Portable Palm Tree Fan
Lighted Outdoor Umbrella
Solar Lanterns

Now onto the recipe for Fresh Orange and Mixed Berry Juice:
  • Freshly Squeezed Sweet Orange Juice - 3 cups
  • Slightly Sour Blackberries - 6#s
  • Blueberries - a handful
  • Raspberries - a handful
  • Sugar/honey - for taste
  • Blend all the above ingredients in a blender or a juicer. 
  • Serve cold with ice cubes in the morning with scrambled eggs or sweet muffins.
Makes ~2 servings.

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  1. Delicious and healthy orange-berry juice.Love the reviews on the fans.

  2. I love the twin turbo fan, it looks like a antique to me. The drink is so refreshing. I need it right away to energize myself.

  3. your drink looks great...I want that gyro style fan!

  4. That is one thirst quenching juice dear and wow, what beautiful looking fans.

  5. Love to see those fans and lights...and the juice too...thanks for sharing...

  6. Great post, I can see myself in a very hot evening enjoying your delicious quench under the Oasis umbrella with the tropical portable fan next to me.
    What else can one ask for?

  7. beautiful creation- the mix fruit and berry juice! and I could do with a few extra fans in my house- and these ones are just so stylish! Pricey too!

  8. Lovely drink to refresh on a hot summer day!

  9. What a nice post! We're lucky we live on the coast and get that nice gulf breeze. Keeps us cooler than inland, and warmer in the win. We don't set our air very high I don't like it ice cold, we use fans and cool evening air when we can. I'll have one of those drinks though! :)

  10. I really this lovely drink. Nice color.

  11. I want that drink now CL!!! Need quench my thirst first b4 looking at the fan...hehe ;)

  12. I love your drink it looks refreshing and delicious. I also love that palm tree fan:)

  13. That juice looks so incredibly refreshing!

  14. Perfect thirst quencher lassie, you are a berry girl, isnt it...We too love berries....

    Kairali sisters

  15. the juice looks awesome..nice colour and tangy with all th e berries and orange juice..

  16. cool fans and the fruit smoothie looks great... beat the heat!

  17. Living in Florida, I totally relate to the ceiling fans. Each room in our house has one.
    Temps are climbing close to 100 degrees each day (ugh). Your refreshing drink looks just the thing to help cool it down.

  18. Juice has a lovely color. Nice reviews and I especially liked the palm tree fan.

  19. 37C here in Germany yak! So damn HOT! The berry drink and that beach-fan are perfect!

  20. That oasis umbrella looks very cute and great, berry juice looks catchy and refreshing..yummy..

  21. The tropical themed fan looks pretty darn cute:)
    It sure is getting warm right? well i shudnt be complaining..god knows when we will be showered with such nice weather again

  22. I loved the moo waala pankha.... Very unique..... & here it is already cold & wet with showers... SO as of now no more beating the heat for me..... :)


  23. Refreshing drink for a hot summer!!!. Glad that you liked the Eggplant Plantain roast. I will let my hubby know. He will be very happy to hear that..

  24. the fan with that little twig is very cute and those solar lanterns are just the things that we need these days. the drink looks fab and thats a sure shot thirst quencher.

  25. loved the gyro style fan and the tropical cute..berry-orange refreshing drink looks perfect for summer day...two for me.right???.thanks

  26. Wow..this drink sounds very delicious. Yummy lipsmacking click dear.

  27. Great tips!! I've been drinking water like crazy and eating TONS of fruit. And fans are saving my life :) It's sweltering here in Boston!


  28. delicious and refreshing drink, thanks for the info. about fans


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