Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dining Table Brings Family Together + Homemade AppleSauce "Click"

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Times are changing. In this modern era, life is so hectic and stressful that a family gettogether is almost a thing of the past. I so look forward to the time when I can sit together with my family and rehash the day, however mundane the day was.A dining table is something that brings the family together, be it an important occasion or to create precious memories of day to day life.I remember the good old days when I used to sit the at the table drawing/ playing scrabble with my sister while mom made something wonderful in the kitchen for dinner.

Since I have a small kitchen and even smaller dining area, my preferred choice should have been drop leaf tables due to their excellent "saving space" features and their flexibility to be compact or opened to its full size.But I have a dining table similar to the one below, not quite ornate or adorable as this "Lexington Granada Dining Table" , but it is the most used space in my house and not just for eating alone..Almost all my photography for my blog posts are taken here. Also happens to be a favorite spot to hangout with friends, playing cards and what not.
Did you know that a round dining table, like this "Hooker Furniture Cross Creek Perimeter" table promotes equality and respect within a household? Lack of edges mean that there is no head of the table and everyone is equidistant from everyone.Cozy, no?
I totally adore this "Wildon Home Bay City" breakfast nook with its Tile-Topped Table and counter-height stools. I envision myself and my son huddled together over a lengthy breakfast or me teaching him math or science. 
Lastly, this restaurant style "Linon Azalea White Pine Corner Breakfast Nook" has stolen my heart. I so wish for a bigger kitchen with Bay Windows just so I can have my lazy Sunday morning breakfast with my family right here.
Here comes a "Click" of the applesauce that I made with all the apples I picked last week. Recipe will be posted in my next post.
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  1. Good read..nice post!...We have a simple table in our well lit dining area...used mostly for homework and during parties....Only when we have parents over its used for dining :))

  2. Dining table is just for prep work @ my home...dinner time in front of the tv..haha...applesauce looks toddler simply used to love this homemade sauce and now whenever i make it i use it in cakes and pancakes...yum yum

  3. Great looking dining table dear. All the pics are wonderful. Apple sauce looks yummy.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Interesting observation on dining table.Love homemade sauce any time.

  5. You are right CL...Dinner table brings family my house we always eat together at least one meal a day...!

  6. @Jagruti - That is the way it is supposed to be.

  7. Wow all the table arrangements look lovely. I love the last one and would love something like that in a conservatory!! We have all our family meals on the kitchen table together. The dining room only gets used when we are entertaining. Love the Homemade apple sauce idea!! Would be great in an apple pie!

  8. Great post..I am just crazy about that restaurant style corner breakfast nook.
    love home made apple sauce..looks so good

  9. Beautiful furnitures, lovely apple sauce, great

  10. Great post!! All the pics looks fab. Yummy Apple sauce!!

  11. Without a doubt families should take time to share meals together. Very important. Thanks for sharing a great topic.

  12. Great looking furnitures, i'll go for the first one, love it..

    Prefect apple sauce..

    Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

  13. love the 2nd set of dinning table and apple sauce is yum and ur apple flower is cute :)

  14. I think its important for families to eat together.


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