Friday, December 4, 2009

SugarPlum Balls Minus the Sugar

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Now this is a healthy and awesome treat for young and the old alike.This is packed with fiber, certain vitamins, a breeze to make and tastes good, which in my opinion is a major bonus. So don't hesitate to try this at home. Kids will love it and so will you.

  • Almonds - a handful, blanched
  • Cashews - a handful
  • Pecan/Walnuts -a handful
  • Dried sugar-free figs - 4
  • Dried apricots - 4
  • Dark Raisins - a handful
  • Craisins - a handful (optional)
  • Dates - 6
  • Pear Juice - 1/8 cup (Any naturally sweet juice of choice can be used)
  • In a food processor, coarsely blend(pulse) all the dry fruits and nuts with little bit of orange juice.
  • Divide the mixture into 10-12 bite-size balls and refrigerate for an hour before consuming.
Makes 10-12 bite-sized balls.

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