Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walnut And Cheese Coated Fruit Balls

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This is a kid and adult friendly appetizer that can be done in a jiffy.Looks elegant and involves no cooking which makes it even better.This recipe makes its way to Guilt-Free Snacks Event hosted by Yasmeen @ Yasmeen-HealthNut and to WYF-Light Meal Event hosted by EC @ SimpleIndianFood and to Say Cheese Event @SimplySara

  • Walnuts - 1/2 cup, coarsely ground
  • Lowfat Swiss Cheese - 3 tbsp, plain
  • LowFat Cream Cheese - 1 tbsp, plain or flavored
  • Green Grapes - 2, seedless
  • Red Grapes -  2, seedless
  • Strawberry - 2, small, crown removed
  • Mix the soft cheese in a bowl and refrigerate for an hour or so.
  • Pour the ground walnuts in a flat dish and spread out.
  • Take each fruit and start coating them with the cooled cheese using hands. Quickly roll them in the walnuts.
  • Refrigerate for an hour prior to consuming(optional for people prone to brain freeze or teeth sensitivity).

Makes 2 servings.

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  1. Yummy cheesy fruity and nutty,love the idea.thanks for sharing :)

  2. You know what. I would love to do a blog post with an attempt to make several of your recipe, linking it back to your blog of course. I'm horrible about getting great ideas and never running with them, but you make yummy things look so easy, and that's why I like to blog about food - to show people cooking at home doesn't have to be difficult, and it can even be tasty and healthy.


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