Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Avocado Dosa(i) + DC Cherry Blossoms

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BM#14: Day4:  Last week I went all the way to Tidal Basin Park,Washington DC to gaze on the delicate and much revered Cherry Blossoms. This year is super special because Japan gifted those 3000+ CB trees to the US, a 100 years ago. So I was waiting for the Centennial celebrations and peaking of these flowers like a hawk watching and waiting for its prey.

The weather forecast wasn't so good. It said possible thunderstorms and a couple of showers. As "THE" day grew closer, I saw that there was going to be light rain. We(Me and my buddy) thought to ourselves that we can deal with light rain. But we were so wrong. The kids didn't care one bit about the trees and they wanted to run and play.They grumbled and it was infectious. Lil A wanted to jump in the puddles and he was pouting that he couldn't.It was depressing cause after driving for so long we couldn't stay or appreciate the beauty of those blossoms the way they deserved to be..Slowly but steadily the chill was creeping into our tired bones and in less than an hour we were ready to call it a day.It was a washout weekend.

So it was a good thing we didn't go there for the sole reason of gazing at CB trees. We went to the Murugan Temple and Siva-Vishnu Temple in Baltimore en route to DC. The visit had a calming effect on me. After putting innumerable petitions to god(basically unloading my emotional baggage and heartfelt desires to every single deity) I felt a little lighter. So it wasn't a total disaster but it could have been better..a lot better.

So here are some pictures that I took without any enthusiasm at all..The flowers were gorgeous.I wanted the Sun to come out from behind the clouds badly so I could take a few pictures.As you can see from the pictures,it was a hopeless wish.

Coming to the dosa topic, I usually add the avocado to the left-over dosa batter cause my son won't eat it otherwise. He is like a bean pole and I want him to put some weight. Since avocado is a packed with good fat(heart-healthy unsatured fat), I can't let my son have his way.He has to eat the avocado one way or another. We on the other hand like to eat the avocado with a little lime/lemon juice or guacamole with cucumber chipsThe taste of the this dosa is good with the hint of the buttery avocado. The batter yields "soft dosa". 

Ingredients(For 6-8 Dosa, 2 per person):
  • 2 to 3 Cups Dosa batter
  • 1 Ripe Hass Avocado, peeled and stone removed
  • 3 Hot Green Chili
  • Salt as needed
  • Water as needed
  • Chop the Avocado and Chilies. Remove the seeds from the chili for less heat. Puree the Avocado along with the chilies. Add to the batter along with salt. Add water as needed. The batter shouldn't be runny. 
  • Heat the griddle and pour a ladle-ful of batter. Spray oil around the edges and over the dosa. Cook one side for a minute on medium flame. Flip and cook the other side.
  • Fold and serve it hot with any chutney of choice. 

I like my Avocado dosa with Tomato + Roasted Bengal Gram Chutney or Fiery Tomato Chutney-
Fiery Tomato Chutney-

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  1. avocado dosa.. wow thats a nice twist to the dosa :).. the cherry blossoms looks fab.. the treww outside my place also has these & they look super pretty!

  2. Thanks for posting some pictures of the beauty in DC. I have been told that its a place to be in Spring. Such beautiful cherry blossoms. We have some in the west coast and they stand out, but not like in DC though. Avocado dosai! interesting. Will give it a try next time with the left over batter. I like soft dosai's.

  3. our cherry blossom festival is in a few weeks still...dosas look awesome!

  4. Nice pics of d spring..
    Dosa looks colorful n soft

  5. Love those Cherry Blossoms very pretty..and I am green looking at those pretty dosas..:)

  6. Love the clicks! Such a nice combo, this is a must try! Bookmarked!

  7. my my...nostalgic memories looking at these cherry blossoms..recollect my japan visit!..these look so gorgeous ..n the dosa well ..needless to say fantastic twist n color!!

  8. lovely dosas. Love the pics of Cherry blossom..

  9. This so healthy and nice. I always wanted to try this.

  10. Love the twist and color of dosas. Same with the cherry blossoms too. :)

  11. This is awesome dear. Must try it out. Wont guarantee the girls eating it though. I am sorry still commenting on my BM friends.


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