Monday, December 6, 2010

Milk Solids And Finger Millet Flour(Ragi) Ladoo

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I didn't want to dedicate a whole post for this but I haven't cooked anything worthwhile since MIL went back to her home last weekend after a 4-month stay. While I have a few posts sitting in the draft, they are all unfinished(ie: in different stages of completion).And I am leading my life in a lackadaisical manner..Its going to take a while for me to get my groove back.At the moment though, I am content moping and sulking, cause believe it or not, I'm missing MIL.

In my previous post, I had asked you guys what you did with the milk solids that settles to the bottom of the pan during the process of making Clarified Butter. I would have simply discarded but MIL doesn't waste a thing.  This Ladoo(A type of Indian dessert) is what MIL makes out of the brown bits..It was a simple, yet fabulous treat that I enjoyed very much.
Ingredients(Makes 6-8 Small Ladoos):
  • Milk Solids(Brown Bits settled at the bottom of the pan, like in the picture below)
  • 1/2 Cup Red Millet flour/Ragi (Bob's Red Mill "Millet Flour")
  • 1-1/2 Tbsp Sugar
  • Stir in the Red Millet Flour to the pan that contains the milk solids.
  • Switch on the stove and keep stirring for a couple of minutes until the mixture is slightly warm.
  • Add the sugar. This will make the mixture slightly sticky.
  • Divide the mixture into 6-8 portions and squeeze the mixture with hands to form Ladoos.
    Enjoy with Black Tea/Coffee.

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    1. Looks and sounds delicious.. power packed laddoos...yummy

    2. This is the way my mom used to giv us when she makes ghee at home...I love the taste of ragi and we also use fried drumstick leaves.......thank u dear for remembering my childhood days

    3. Thats great use of the milk solids, would do the same from next time i make ghee..Laddos looks lovley

    4. I have never used ragi floor in our cooking, so you are now tempting me to use it. May be soon :)

    5. Protein in disguise kids. You are a magician.

    6. Dear lassi(e)
      How are you?
      Here after a long time and I can imagine how you are feeling in absence of your MIL.
      You took me to childhood days. My mum used to make it with simple roasted Atta. I always prefer to eat the milk solid with hot rice, ghee, salt and lots of green chili smashed into it.
      Actually , you get more milk solids if the butter is made at home from the Malai ( that solid layer, formed over a boiled full cream milk.) In fact you wont believe , I just make home butter and leave a bit more non-fat solids in it to get big quantities of these solids. Crazy me.
      Have a nice week

    7. My mom used to makes the same with wheat flour, making out these yummy laddoos with ragi flour sounds excellent..

    8. Looks easy to make, delicious and healthy too.

    9. Looks healthy & delicious ladoo!

    10. Thats a great use of milk solids. Ladoos look so healthy and yumm.

    11. Wow Ladoo is making me yarn for it,sounds delicious....

    12. Great recipe..never thought of using up the milk solids like this :-)

    13. Aww I'm sure your MIL would be super happy to know that you miss her! So cute. These laddoo sound delicious!

    14. wow!! thats a healthy yummy ladoo...loved it..

    15. Hi CL...please pick up the Best blogger award and the lovely blog award from my blog!
      u deserve both...Thank You!

    16. healthy and delicious we make with rice ground like this
      check out the event and contest in my site

    17. Mmmm these look mouthwatering! Can I enjoy these with a cup of hot cocoa? :)


    Thanks a bunch for your valuable comments and continued support.They are very much appreciated. Yes,like "Rain on Dry Land" and like "Oasis in Desert Sand".
    XoXo, Cool Lassi(e)