Wednesday, August 17, 2011

B&W Wednesday: The Candid Case of a Cut Cabbage

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I love Black and White pictures. They have a timeless quality about them. Besides that, I love the stark and impossibly clear quality it lends to the pictures. Which is why I have decided to participate in Susan's "Black and White Wednesday" event that welcomes food related imagery. While I have a long way to go before I can excel in still-life and food-related photography, I'd like to think that I have a keen eye for zeroing-in on things that many of us just disregard or fail to observe. Take this picture for instance..The striations of a cabbage - a very common and overlooked thing - holds immense appeal to me. :)
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  1. I marvel at the look of a cut cabbage and it's beauty! I have one on my blog too (not black and white) I couldn't resist! I like your photo here!

  2. haha that is awesome!! can't believe we both chose the exact same subject for the same event within minutes of each other!! I had taken a knife shot too and even our knives are similar :)

  3. just saw ur post in fb..cut cabbage and its stripes really looking beautiful..loved it

  4. Cabbage is an excellent subject for textural exploration. Glad you decided to join in BWW, Cool Lassie, with this great shot. Thanks!

  5. Wow that cabbage looks great in black and white!


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